Who we are

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Hullo, welcome.

I’m Penelope Nelson

Author of

Medium Flyers, Beyond Berlin, Prophesying Backwards, Bligh’s Daughter

Penny Dreadful (memoir)


Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, Professor Emerita of sociology, University of Toronto, is an Olympic critic, community activist, and author of several books. More at www.helenlenskyj.ca

Kim Vu

Kim Vu is a public education policy advisor, economist and refugee advocate. Originally from Vietnam, she is a reader of historical fiction and a casual writer on family and culture.



Robin Sen is a retired management consultant to business and governments. During his career he wrote hundreds of reports for clients, but now writes for pleasure and recreation. He particularly favours anecdotes with a touch of whimsy. He also runs a kayaking group, a bushwalking group and edits the Rose Bay Review of Books. Email him on rsen39@bigpond.com if you would like to know more about joining any of these activities.

Gillian Godfrey‘s CV is a series of non-musical scratch concert pieces, spanning many years, many stories. She creates comic verses to mark retirements, weddings, significant birthdays, and on one occasion, a funeral, which was about celebrating a long life, well lived.

Robert King

Babette Smith

Babette Smith OAM is an independent historian who specialises in convict history. Her groundbreaking Cargo of Women was followed by Australia’s Birthstain, which explained how shame about our penal hisotry distorted Australians’ understanding of their past. The Luck of the Irish won the NSW Premier’s History Prize (Community and Regional). Defiant Voices will be published by the National Library of Australia in 2021. https://www.allenandunwin.com/search#searchword=Babette%20Smith

Jill Sutton

Michael Kesteven

Michael Kesteven, radio-astronomer, is interested in supernova remnants and the history of early astronomy (Galileo, Kepler). He has contributed to the commissioning of several radiotelescopes.

Anne E Ashford

Dina Davis

Dina Davis is an author, editor and blogger. Her novel Capriccio was shotlisted for the NT Chief Minister’s Book Awards. Her work appears in several anthologies, including Sharing Writing Skills (Randwick Writers’ Group, Gininderra Press.) She is working on a new novel, A Dangerous Daughter. More at her website, https://dinadavisauthor.com

William Allaway

Ian Ferrie, an architect, writes on organic gardening. He is also, with a group of friends, co-author of a series of action-packed, illustrated novels in every conceivable genre.